FÖRSTER | antique tiled stoves

Welcome to the world's largest shop for antique tiled stoves made in Austria.


Beautiful ceramic heaters from the Biedermeier, Art Nouveau and Historic times. Each piece is an original, a valuable energy provider. They give warmth and atmosphere, and are a sustainable investment.


Inimitable interior design pieces and fully functional for heating - either traditional wood burning or with a clean energy electric unit. 


The STOVE COLLECTION includes pieces from different time epochs. They are beautifully complimentary in modern homes, or an ideal match in heritage buildings. 

Antique tiled stoves give valuable energy, awaken the senses and enhance the wellbeing. Their heat is the most healthy you can get. It is a sustainable investment in your own life quality and health, as well as a value-stable Investment for the future.


Preserve our cultural treasures and share our love for cultural heritage. We collect antique tiled stoves from 100 to 400 years age and value their history and handcraft. This is how our family business grew over 110 years in Vienna, Austria, the most livable city in Europe. Find inspiration in our REFERENCE PROJECTS.


HEALTHY HEAT TECHNOLOGY thanks to traditional heating culture and modern technology. These beautiful antique tiled stoves are treasures, but inside they are equipped with 2 kW energy blocks, simply connected to your electric plug. Simple, sustainable, healthy and user-friendly. The stove has a temperature feeler which saves energy and money, and the tiles have the wonderful characteristic of being able to store the heat for hours. There is no more sustainable way to beautifully enhance the quality in your living space. World-wide delivery.